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Volunteers Online
I was hired by Making IT Work for Volunteers in May of 2002 to create the front-end for their flagship site volunteersonline.ca.

The backend of the site was created using PHP-Nuke, which gave me a nice structure to work from. The design of the interface is admittedly conservative and very functionally driven. The more interesting aspect of the project for me was the suite of icons that I created for use across the site.

Please note that this screenshot is of the BETA of the site so there are some stylistic inconsistencies, layout and funtionality problems, and the icons have not yet been implemented - but you'll get the idea.

One of the major functional aspects of the site is the resource library with information about IT resources for volunteer organisations. I created two different groups of icons, one to graphically represent the categories within the library, and one for the different resource types.

Volunteers Online Categories

These are blown up quite a bit from their actual size on the site. There are only 6 out of the 24 category icons shown here.

Volunteers Online Resources

The navigation icons are distinguished from the other two sets by the exclusive use of the IT man in each icon.

Volunteers Online Navigational Icons