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CORPORATE or What I have done with thousands
Prentice Hall/Scott Foresman
I worked on this project for almost a full year and though, initially, it was foisted upon me, I ended learning quite a bit.

nurun creates CD-ROMs which are supplements for the textbooks that Prentice Hall prints. The CD-ROM has all of the lesson information, practice tests, scheduling software for that course, etc. Each CD-ROM is specific to each textbook.

My role on the project was to take the cover art from the textbook and apply it to the CD-ROM interface. Then I did all of the graphic production for that title and implemented it in the Director file. Each title had its own specific functions and these had to be applied on a title by title basis.

I was also responsible for QA and then the resulting troubleshooting. I learned a tonne about Director on this project and I feel I can do Director production work.