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Manulife Financial
I should preface all of this by saying that this site has been redesigned since the creation of this demo--so it it in no way looks like the old the site as of March 2011.

I was the only designer assigned to this project. I was responsible for everything from initial client contact to the design to the graphic production of every aspect of the project. This includes both the site itself and a promotional campaign that preceded its launch.

Manulife Financial (out of Waterloo, Ontario) was revamping its Repsource site. The Repsource site is an extranet which is used by Manulife sales reps to keep in contact with home base. They process orders, recieve up to the minute information, and remain in contact with everyone else in the organisation through it.

In the demonstration of the site that I put together for the reps, you were able to see what the site used to look like and how the re-design changed the way they did business with Manulife. They have asked me to take down the demo, so I have, but it sure was a beauty!

The project was not only a success, but it gave me the oppourtunity to be involved in every aspect of a site launch: the design, production, and implementation of the site, and the promotional/informational campaign to raise awareness of the affect that the new site would have on the way they conducted business.

The email campaign had a 43.5% clickthrough rate.