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CORPORATE or What I have done with thousands
Ivanhoe/Cambridge Malls
The Ivanhoe/Cambridge corporation owns something in the range 30% of malls in Canada. They wanted to be able to provide a consistent suite of sites for all of their malls. But, of course, each site had to reflect the personal aspects of each mall. The designs were template based as you may well imagine.

The design for Mic Mac Mall (in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia) was done before the template was finalised, and thus, the design went the way of the ash heap, but I always liked it best among the ones I worked on.

Quinte Mall (located in Belleville, Ontario) was probably the best of the sites that I did. It isn't a thing of beauty, but it worked really well with their printed collateral, the client was really happy with the final product, and the project management was slick.