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CORPORATE or What I have done with thousands
General Motors
GM is one of the biggest clients that nurun has. There wasn't a 3 month period where I didn't do work for GM in some capacity.

The single largest project, and the one I'm most proud of, was the Global Engineering Councils intranet. GM has global councils which are responsible for all facets of vehicle production, from safety and testing to design and logistics.

Each council wanted its own site but they all had to share a common look and feel. The Global Councils intranet consists of 13 council sites. Each council site contains a minimum of eight sub-sections, requiring a total of roughly 100 banners. While every banner shares a common layout, each council is represented by a unique design.

Two of the banners are shown below.

The Global Supplier Leveraging Council is responsible for liasing with 3rd party vendors.

Notices of Action is basically the communications department for GM and they liked the work I did for the Global Engineering Councils so much that they requested to have a personalised banner made for their site too.

In an effort to increase their profile amongst the other councils, Global Safety requested a new logo. They wanted to encapsulate all aspects of their mandate into one image. That's what I attempted to do with the logo on the right. They chose the logo on the left.

After the delivery of every site, printed style guides are given to the client. However, my interactions with GM employees demonstrated that the printed style guides were not adequate, so I developed a web based style guide. This guide featured detailed instructions on production and maintenance as well as downloadable templates and fonts.

Lauch the on-line style guide

Try out the style guide. I have included a generic version of it as a demonstration. Simply follow any of the links off the main page.

The last work I did for GM was as the junior designer on the Tokyo Auto Show 2001 project. The design of the site was rigidly dictated by the show's style guide. My role on the project was to code the pages, create and cut the imagery, and do the daily updates as the show progressed. The show lasted just around a week and every page was created on the day that the information was released. It was fast paced, there was no room for error, and the whole experience was very exciting.

The site is archived on GM.com, why not give it a gander?