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Marking a new era in my professional life, Canada25 came to me by way of a good friend. I was involved right from the ground floor. I conducted all client consultations, laid out the information architecture, created mock-ups, I did all of the production, and with help from some friends and online apps, I've implemented some pretty cool functionality.

One of the interesting features of this site is that it isn't selling anything. It is a pure information site. This created a number of challenges—not the least of which was giving equal exposure and easy access to all information, while trying not to dilute the more important messages found in each section.

From the Canada25 site:
What is Canada25?
Canada25's vision is to promote a new definition of citizenship and the role of young Canadians in public life. By "new definition of citizenship" we mean two things: an active participation in public policy, and a global concept of Canada, where Canadians both inside and outside the country are engaged in its policy development.