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How I arrived here
I have been designing professionally for over six years. My introduction to this field came as a bit of a shock right at the end of my stay at York University in 1999.

I was completing my M.A. in philosophy there when I was asked to redesign the department's Website. I was asked to do this because I had received a 93% grade in a first year Pascal programming course during my undergraduate work at the University of Western Ontario. At Western, I had earned a combined B.A.(Hons) in philosophy and psychology — nothing whatever to do with computer science.

So, with $8000 in my pocket, not a clue in my brain, and the generous help of a good friend, I began learning Photoshop, Illustrator, and HTML. The outcome is forgettable and has already been replaced.

I found out shortly after launching the site that I could get a job with a small Toronto Web company, as a production artist. It was a hectic six months where my brain was sponging up everything I saw at work (and I was still completing my thesis at the time!). Eventually, I moved into a designer role and to new employers (including myself for a spell), and I have been working and living as such ever since.

Though, I stopped graduate work once I completed my Master's, I continue to have a serious interest in issues of cognition and language, as well as plumbing, woodwork, and a wide variety of music (which has finally expanded to hip hop after all of these years).

Most recently, I changed gears once again and am now a teacher. I spent 2005 acquiring my teaching certification in New York State while freelancing and 2006 promises (I hope) fulltime employment as an Intermediate/Senior teacher in Toronto, Peel, or York.
Niagara run | May 21st, 2000 | Photo taken by Michelle Marinatet

Other things to know about me
I served in the Canadian Army Reserves for 9 years. I own a 1978 Vespa P125X which I modified with a Polini 177cc cylinder with the help of a friend. I was married in 2002 and recently became a father.