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Tuesday, September 30

I received notice that I've been audited in the mail last night. At first I was a little shocked and then a little angry. So I've been re-assuring myself that there is no conspiritorial element to it. I don't think the CCRA's out to get me for one very very good reason. The item I was audited on was my rent for the first four months of 2002. I declared exactly how much I spent, and my former landlord has already assured me that he will be happy to sign a letter stated that this is indeed the case.

But I'll admit that it is a strange feeling to be 'picked out'. My name (or more likely, my Social Insurance Number) crossed someone's desk in Sudbury (or who knows where) and they decided that they should check me out. I'm not sure how the whole process works, which is what gives credence to feelings of some grand conspiracy afoot.

Mama Koczij is in town for a couple days. Quincy was baptised on the weekend (Congratulations!). Heather starts on Monday.

Finally, for those of you who know Stephen, and for those of you who don't, read his blog. His adventures in Paris — not the tourist type, but the migrant white collar worker type — are a great quick read.

Website recommendation for those of you with the bandwidth, the time, and the desire for theatre of the mind: Listen to a Movie — plus it all works in a tidy little flash app.
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Monday, September 22

I think my next door neighbour is a Neo-Nazi.

Not a loud mouth asshole who expresses scary views. Not a mean guy who doesn't like Jews. But literally a Neo-Nazi.

It started with my casually noticing that he had traded in his Goth gear for a very short haircut, red braces, jack-boots, and a bomber jacket. Not necessarily an indication that he hates people based on skin colour, creed, sexual orientation, etc. But I'll admit that it made me weary.

Then I arrived home from a party one night to find SS and Nazi symbols (Swatsikas, Othala Rune, SS bolts, and one giant Life Rune) chalked on the road just in front of his house (photo to come). I asked his dad about the symbols. If he knew anything about them. The answer I got was that his son has really gotten into European History. That he's looking into his Heritage, German Volk music, and such. Interesting. Scary.

Last night, I got home from a weekend of homecoming revelery in London (Keg party fun!) to see him in the garage with his dad. He was wearing a shirt saying "Support your Local Einsatz Commando". The sleeves were lined with Life and Death Runes and there was a large Death Head on it. Its scary. You can see a crappy version of the shirt here.

From Editor's weekly blog: "Several days ago I saw two German goths coming out of the train station in Ulm, Germany wearing black t-shirts that read “Support Your Local Einsatz Commando.” For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, the Einsatz Kommandos (or “Special Commandos”) were special killing details of the SS that were formed before the construction of the death camps. They killed literally hundreds of thousands of Jews, Poles, and Russians mostly by shooting them one at a time. The Ulmer Einsatz Kommando Unit was one of the most notorious of those evil groups of people because it was formed by mostly non-SS volunteers who wanted to contribute to the cause. It took until the 1950s to bring the members of the Ulmer Einsatz Kommandos to justice and almost all of them received sentences of less than ten years imprisonment."

Not keen. I just wanted this on the record. I will post the photo as soon as we get the film developed (its the first on the roll).
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