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Thursday, May 8

Not only did blogger not remember me, it took me three times to get my password right when logging in.

I went to visit Connor, Karley and Steve's boy, last night. I think he and they are the most calm, most laid back newborn-parent combination I've seen yet. It was so relaxed when we went to visit. To the point that I would actually forget that he's in the room if I wasn't looking at him - which I find is a rarity with infants. From what I understand this changes at the 3 month stage but either way, for now, no fuss, no muss. Good on them and a big big congratulations.

So the news (see March 27th) wasn't good and the result has been a bit of a meandering for me. I'm now in the process clearing my plate of major distractions, focusing on the few freelance projects I have left, and getting pumped for the summer.

This May two-four weekend I'll be going back to the Niagara Rally - as long as I can get my pile on the road. I've got it at Josh's Ride Scooters for some electrical work and fixing my clutch side seal. This meant that he had to break open the engine case. So, while he was at it, I've got him mounting a reed-valve block because of my continuing fuel flow problems. I'll be posting soon about the outcomes of all of this.

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