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Thursday, March 27

A propos my last post: An editorial that I heard read during the 24/7 radio coverage of the war that CBC1 was doing. It is from Philadelphia, city of Brotherly Love and home of the American Declaration of Independence. I found it quite moving and very much reflective of my concerns about the new direction our neighbours are going in.

Its down to a week now. I will be getting some serious news this time next week. Not to mention, of course, that Karley and Steve are expecting Jr. a week today as well. Much ado right now. I feel like my life has been on hold for a while and the floodgates are about to burst. I am really nervous.
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Thursday, March 20

So it begins.

I've been so torn over the last few months about how I feel about all of this. There are no good guys to cheer for and only ideological positions to take - so, as usual, I fear a 'thin edge of the wedge' situation building and focus my thoughts on the increasing possibility of civil liberties being stripped away from everyone. Not that I don't have opinions on the war on Iraq, I just worry that it is merely a small step toward some greater objective on the part of the US.

PK sent me this article yesterday, and though I think there are some serious flaws in the comparisons its making, there is some food for thought in it, and it accurately represents my fears when I'm at my most paranoid.

I want to thank Kar and Steve for being so diehard about checking in with me, then kicking my ass when I slacked, and then letting me know that they're still with me.

Finally, St.Patrick's eve at Whelan's was absolutely brilliant - love was indeed in the air.
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Monday, March 17

Okay, new post (breath in, breath out, it's been a month, I'm not sure I can do this anymore).

On the subject of breathing: I think I literally heard the entire city inhale this weekend, after surviving this unprecedented winter. The air is alive with spring freshness and I couldn't be happier.

Tonight is Paul and Eilleen's 2 year anniversary and we will be celebrating at Whelan's, the scene of the crime.

This weekend was spring in every sense. Cleaning of the house was first and foremost as we prepared ourselves for Heather's grandmother's first visit to the place. While we were at it, we bought 6 yards of new material and foam, and we recovered our dining room chairs. It was far easier than I expected (as these kinds of things tend to be) and I have to take full credit for choosing the pattern.

An incredibly satisfying project, abley lead by Heather.

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