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Tuesday, January 28

Saturday night was amazing. No damage to the new couches, free flowing fun, the music was pumping until 5am, and no complaints from the neighbours. Thanks to everyone who came and let loose.

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Friday, January 24

For months now I've been waiting for the windmill at the Exhibition to start operating, and finally, two days ago, with no fanfare it finally started churning. It looks amazing on my way to work when I see it standing out at the end of the peninsula that the Ex and Ontario Place form, with the lake steaming away on these bright freezing mornings we've been having of late. The core, in all its splendor, painting a rich picture of activity in the background only makes the scene prettier.

An addendum to the news of Quincy's birth - David and Natasha have a site up dedicated to all things 58 Spencer - go see a picture of the boy.

The Toronto Police Service has been in the doghouse for the last couple months. I've been trying to put together a list of incidents, but I know I'm missing some.

  1. Craig Bromell and the other eight officers who allegedly beat Thomas Kerr at Cherry Beach is a story that hasn't been going away resulting in lawsuits [ link ]

  2. The whole racial profiling investigation by the Toronto Star that set off the big hoopla resulting in lawsuits [ link ]

  3. The latest story is this fiasco involving drug squad officers raiding suspect's houses, businesses, and bank safety deposit boxes resulting in, you guessed it, lawsuits and counter lawsuits [ link ]

I don't know if its that the police are getting worse or there's more attention being paid to it. But I suppose this is what we always wanted. To truly become a world class city. Think of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles - world class cities, all with long histories of Police corruption and scandals. NYPD corruption has been a big enough issue to warrant the existence of The Commission to Combat Police Corruption.

Not a bad idea if you consider the fact that, allegedly, Toronto cops have been getting a heads up from the Internal Affairs officers who investigate them and are being instructed not to co-operate with RCMP investigators. I don't know who's right or wrong or even how true all this stuff is, but there is obviously some serious problems somewhere within the Police, the Police Union, the Police brass, and the Police Services Board. I think all of this is exacerbated by the fact that the media and the cops in Toronto do not have a brilliant history of friendship - so the source of the information may be suspect too.

Something is rotten in Denmark and I think we need some serious airing out.
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Monday, January 20

Happy Birthdays

On Saturday night, Heather and I went to Alice Fazooli's for Karley's birthday dinner. An agreeable affair only because of the great company. The food was overpriced and of questionable quality and the service was unbelievably bad. Coupling this with the fact that we were in Oakville - where no vice has been left unregulated - made me wish that we had gone to a nice restaurant in Mississauga/Toronto instead of a bad one in Oakville.

But Sunday really took the cake for birthdays. We started our day with the amazing news that David and Natasha (my sister and brother-in-law) had, after 17 hours of labour, a healthy, bouncy, beautiful baby boy named Quincy who weighed in at 8lbs 4ounces, measuring a remarkable 21" long. I got to hold him for a bit and I couldn't stop grinning. He's just amazing and Natasha and David both looked so happy and relieved and excited and tired and overwhelmed and totally in control. Babies are cool.

From there, Heather and I bolted to Cheryl's 30th birthday party - a great affair which began at their house with a potluck lunch/dinner and then moved to Whelan's Gate where we able to take over the upstairs and celebrate in earnest. The afternoon/evening was warm and friendly with just enough quality draft to make it exciting. The rest of the patrons upstairs where great sports with this rowdy crew of people coming in and ruining their Sunday night quiet pints and many renditions of the birthday song managed to emerge thanks to them.

I want to throw in a major plug for Whelan's Gate - it has been the site of too many memorable and important nights to not receive some major recognition for its warm atmosphere, good food, great pints, and perfect service.
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Monday, January 13

  1. Happy New Year

  2. Warren and Agnes along with Matt and Martha are in South Korea teaching girls and boys English and their travel-blogs are really great. Special mention goes to Warren and Agnes for a really nice looking site.

  3. I bought a new pair of boots for my poor, cold, wet, and tired feet. They're great looking and so very very warm.

  4. I really liked Catch me if you can - a beautiful and fun movie with rather understated acting about a really interesting person, that happened to be done by Spielberg starring Hanks (will wonders never cease).

  5. I have to figure out my damn GST payment and income taxes. Anyone know an accountant? Lemme know

  6. Happy New Year - It is finally starting for me now.
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