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Thursday, December 19

I've been a little coy about things of late, which I mention as a preface to justify my sporadic posting. I started a contract last month with Digital Cement Inc. They market to customers on behalf of companies like Kraft and Fedex using super-tracked emails. The work is pretty simple with some good potential, the company is stable, and the people are perfect. Small company, which is just what I was looking for, very informal, and very hard working, which is great for me right now. So they offered me a full-time position and I've accepted. Starting January 2 of 2003, I will be an employee again.

To start a theme here (reminiscence of the last 12 months), 2002 has marked some major changes in my life. The obvious ones being that I'm now a married man, with all that that entails, and that I have been my own boss for almost a year now. What these two facts have brought about has been a lot of time and cause for personal consideration. Wondering where I am, where I want to be. On some levels, I've solidified my sense of self by getting married and finding the entire process and my present arrangements incredibly satisfying. On other levels, I've had my head kicked in by scraping through the last 11 months, spending literally upwards of 75% of my waking hours alone. I gained a deeper appreciation for CBC1 and lost a lot of direction. All that time alone and worrying, did a number on my sense of who I am because I have always been hyper-social. I think that it is in a very social environment that I'm able to understand my own motivations. This is all a tad garbled but I'll think about it and see if I can find a simpler way to describe it.

On a lighter note, but in many ways quite dark, the Chargers continue to disappoint. Getting beaten by the Bills was quite crushing and I didn't even get to watch the game because the game wasn't sold out. I am, however, happy to report that my first serious bit of Chargers shwag is coming in the mail!
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Monday, December 9

Now, I don't know this for a fact, but I'm guessing (and using the reports back from people who've seen it) that the new Bond film is pretty much the same thing that that all the old Bonds are. So, when I hear that 'Die-Another-Say-Never-World-Is-Not-GoldenEye-GoldenGun' is number one on the charts with a bullet I move beyond being dismayed to just being annoyed.

The Chargers watch continues with a sad showing at home against the Raiders - they really needed to win this one. Next week = Buffalo, which means I'll be able to watch it and I'll be around to do so.

With the holiday season upon me I'm preparing myself for the continuation of the inevitable intensification of the recent less friends/more family trend that I've been in. I'm to blame, but I think I deserve a little bit of leaway given that its my first time around the living-out-of-the-way/being-married/building-a-home thing. I'll get everything right one day.
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