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Monday, November 25

Bolts = Thrashed (sigh). I feel sorry for anyone who picks them in their weekly pools - it seems that the Chargers are going to make everyone's life difficult, including their own.

The Miss. World pageant was moved from Nigeria to the UK after 175 are killed in religious rioting stemming from an article written in a local newspaper about the pageant. Thankfully Miss. Canada disqualified herself from participating in the big mess. I hope she doesn't try to get back into the pageant because when I saw the photos of the participants fleeing Africa, I couldn't help wondering if they were questioning their decision to stick with the pageant or if they were practicing their 'World Peace' speech without a thought to the sickening irony that that kind of statement is going to reek of.

To continue from Friday ... The man was fascinated by the fact that Red Cap was being brewed again. He remembered it from the Carling days - they had been the original brewer of the beer. Brick picked up the brew a few years back and they are making a killing on it - but that's straying a bit. He started talking about working at the Carling Brewery - which is now owned by Labatt's. How O'Keefe was the powerhouse in Toronto up until the 60's. How the breweries were family members in a, then, small city. Read up on the history of brewing in Ontario - its amazing. The way he talked about post-war Toronto intrigued me, so as the streetcar pulled up to pick us up I decided I would sit with him and try to find out more about him...
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Friday, November 22


Its been too long and too much has happened. The most recent highlight of the past week plus was my discovery last night, when I got home from work (I love the sound of the phrase right now - especially when compared to 'work from home') to find that not only did the cardboard get picked up finally, but also my gutsy move of putting out the yard waste on an off week was rewarded with an empty front walk. It's the little things.

A few weeks back I was waiting for the streetcar across from the beer store down the street. I had a case of the Red Cap stubbies, I was on my way to 168 for poker night. There was an old man sharing the stop with me. He had a long cigarette and coffee stained white beard, a mesh-back baseball cap with 'Longbranch Plumbing' peeling off of it, a torn faded-green coat, and thin blue pants bunched up at the top of his over-boots. I was listening to Sonic Youth on my headphones and hoping that he wouldn't take his creepy interest in my case of beer to the next level - whatever that would be. Sure enough he said something to me. I obliged him by taking off my headphones and asking him to repeat himself ...
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Monday, November 11

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Friday, November 8

Highest highs, lowest lows.

It's been over a week since I last wrote - pushing two. The highlights include a weekend up at the cottage with Tony where we witnessed the first snowfall of the year up there. Really beautiful and relaxing, combined with some serious discussion - and it seems that something karmacally important happened up there because this week has been one of the best on record.

Started off with my first dental visit in 8 months. Long overdue. I went to a new dentist, and that always gives me anxiety as I don't know if I'll get a good cleaning and all of the moral support that I'm used to. I had no need to worry. The first thing Dr.Patel (or Sam, as I now call him) said after inspecting my teeth was how strong and healthy they are and that whatever it is I'm doing, I should keep up. I love that. It never gets old for me. The cleaning I received from Michelle was deceptively good. She didn't talk at all, she was even slightly cool to me, and this is pretty unusual for dental hygenists - leaving me feeling a little empty. So I left the office after settling the bill and the further I got away from the office the better and better my mouth was feeling - so I starting thinking that maybe Michelle is a very 'professional' and serious hygenist, who focusses on her job and doesn't waste time with trivialities (she did work very quickly too). When I got home and actually took a look, I really couldn't believe how good my teeth looked. I mean, just perfect.

Now the rest of the week, especially yesterday, was really excellent, but I'm going to keep that stuff under my hat for a bit and report later if it works out the way I hope.

On a bit of a sad note, the cardboard box epic continues. I cut down and tied up the boxes and when I heard the truck coming I peered out the window to see what would happen. Unfortunately, though they looked at the boxes for a moment, they promptly rejected them, tossing them on to the driveway. Upon seeing this, I bolted downstairs and outside and caught them before they took off. I introduced myself to them, and they told me their names were Darnell and James. I asked them why they keep rejecting my boxes, and what I need to do to get them picked up. They walked me through the process and space they have for all of the stuff they pick up. So I've discovered the mistakes I've made. First off. With their 'new' truck, they can't take boxes that are packed thick, so bundling them was my first mistake. Next, the amount of space they have for cardboard has been reduced to under two feet square. Normally, I would just fold the box to fit that space, but the thickness issue plays against me. So, after a quick and very friendly discussion with the recycling guys, I'm ready to try it again.
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