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Thursday, August 29

Well, as promised, I'm writing with a band of gold on my left hand. I'm finding it awkward to type still, but I'm sure that will clear up in the coming weeks.

The wedding was absolutely amazing. I've never been to a party like that ... well, ever. Almost 220 of the closest people to you assembled to wish you good fortune for the rest of your life. There really isn't anything else like it. The good feelings it creates are really something I have never experienced before. I was asked this morning if I 'feel married'. I'm not sure what that means. Right now I'm just riding the emotion that comes from having the biggest, most elaborate party I've ever seen being thrown in our honour, receiving a truckload of gifts, and knowing that I'm leaving tomorrow for a two week vacation in Spain.

I take marriage to mean co-habitation with someone I love for the rest of my life. 'The rest of my life' was a very scary concept to me a few years ago. It really isn't anymore, now it just gives me nervous butterflies. The kind you get when you're standing in line to see Neil Young at Exhibition Stadium when you're 18. "This is going to be wicked", "I know! I know!", "Man, I hope he plays Cortez the Killer", "Yeah, that would ROCK".

It seems that the easy comment/joke/quip when describing marriage is to talk about it as a kind of hassle or imprisonment or misery. I was even hearing that at the wedding. That may be the case for some, but if it was true, I don't think you would make that joke, but anyway I've decided that I don't want my marriage to be like that so I won't let it. That's it. No 'ring through the nose' jokes, no 'talk to me in 25 years' jokes, none of it. I'm going to have a healthy, full, rich marriage, and I'm not going to pretend its any different. Decision Made.

Also, I found out today that the long promised reduction in insurance premiums for married people doesn't happen if you get married after the age of 25. So if you were planning on doing an end-run around the insurance companies by getting hitched you better get it done when you're 18 - it'll get you the most savings. Bloody insurance companies.
12:16 PM |

Friday, August 16

Well, I'm off.

I'll write again when I'm married.
3:06 PM |

Monday, August 12

Weekend of Gord and Michelle's wedding ... this wedding has been highly anticipated, not only because its an exciting thing for two great people, but more selfishly, it marks the last event before my wedding. I took advantage of their wedding to go through a mental checklist that has been created over the last 9 months of planning, and I think things are looking pretty good.

People kept stopping me at the reception, reminding me that I was two weeks away from my own wedding - as if this was something I needed to be brought to my attention; when I wasn't being reminded of my own nuptuals I was blissfully focused on drinks, dancing, and general roving just enough to try and talk to everyone. I was a complete motor-mouth as I staggered about the tent - it was the kind of night that I love best, a perfect mix of being a lone wolf and being fully engaged with the crowd. I didn't even wake up with a headache though I am only now emerging from the sunday haze.

So, starting next weekend I'll be up at the cottage until the wedding. I will attempt to post once or twice more before the weekend, but if I don't I will be writing next time with Heather as my wife by my side.
8:46 AM |

Wednesday, August 7

The post I've been waiting to write for over a year and a half.

The scoot is now on the road!

The final among many problems that I had, which kept my poor pile of steel parked in the garage, was my fuel tap. I paid $120 to have the fuel tank stripped, re-lined, and the tap replaced and that was my problem. Just goes to show - when you think you have a subtle and highly complex carbuerator problem it may be that you just aren't getting any gas. It was an oversight that I have learned a lot from. Special thanks to Martin and Bruce for all their help and if you're looking for a Vespa or yours needs some attention, make sure you give Josh a call at Ride Scooters in Scarborough.

So watch out world, I'm back on the road!
6:16 PM |

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