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Wednesday, June 19

The tournament last night at the Duke of Westminster went surprisingly well for our heroes. They made it to the semi-finals, but were eliminated by the eventual winners (and the same guys who lost in the final last week). All players that made it to the second round last night have been invited back for a party at Vinnie's next tuesday. Paul and I entered the tournament as fodder and fulfilled our roles perfectly. We were demolished in the first round, though I managed to score a fluke goal. The only other point we got was when they scored on themselves.

Poker night tonight.
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Tuesday, June 18

Eric and Tom were eliminated in the first round of the Foos tourney last Tuesday. I was reticent about making it public before him, but I just couldn't wait on him. Tonight is another big night for Toronto Foosballers ... the Duke of Westminster is having another tournament and this week I think our heroes will be ready. They were caught off guard by the particular rules and strategies that are employed at tournaments, but they've learned a lot since their humiliating early exit.

Eric has spent his week perfecting "the snake". Take a look at some movies of this move, and keep in mind that the video has been slowed to 50% and 25% of their original speed. It's blazing stuff.

I've been doing a lot of clean up on sites that I've been involved with for the last little while, spending more time on house issues like putting dimmers in the living room and kitchen and a lot of backyard work.

Finally, the Alpha Omega raging kegger at Tony, Aird, and Paul's place was unbelievable. There wasn't anything particularly debaucherous about it, but a keg adds a certain amount of joviality to an evening, the illusion of the bottomless cup. I ended up watching the sun come up at home, where I had the pleasure of greeting the day with Pete, an Australian 'seasoned traveler' (as he described himself), whom I had invited up to the party when I saw him walking by with a look of yearning on his face. He turned out to be a nice guy with strong opinions about litter. The only question mark left from the night is whether or not there is going to be a massive long distance phone bill greeting me on my next statement - he assures me he used a calling card.

On the subject of seasoned travelers - Matt and Martha are touring Europe and doing a bang up job of posting to their blog. Read, laugh, nod, attempt to contain your jealousy for their trip.
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Tuesday, June 11

I'm now out of the tunnel that was my life for the last two weeks.

Heather and I had 3 showers/buck-and-does thrown for us during the moving week; plus I had my birthday at the beginning of the month - so the late may/early june haul was larger than ever before. Aird gave me this and it has, coupled with a lack of television in the new house, reignited my reading. I've devoured 3 books in the 2 weeks since I received it. My voracious reading is also likely related to the insane number of changes that I have have been dealing with during the move and all the came from that ... who knows.

The big news of the day today is that E-More and T-Stan are going to be competing in a foosball tourney at Vinnie's tonight. I'm really pumped to watch it. Go to his site or visit here for results. Good luck the man from Morris. fg.
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