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Tuesday, March 26

So I'm listening to As It Happens tonight and this story is featured about a group of people in Montréal who are protesting the removal of the soft reading couches from all Indigo! and Chapters locations. It's a pretty funny protest, but well beyond the point of what I'm writing about.

I was tipped off to the fact that something was up when the leader of S.ave O.ur S.ofas is reported to be Henry Chinaski. Henry Chinaski? As in the Charles Bukowski pseudonym? A person who shares a name with the Great Outcast Proto-Beatnik is leading a revolt against a crummy book selling conglomorate? The world is not that poetic.

So I did a domain search for saveoursofas.org and I found out the owner of the site is a person by the name of Jesse Brown. The address given was 1070 Bleury #420, Montréal Québec. That's the Southam Building in Montréal - the home of the Globe and Mail. The email contact domain was gorillacartoons.com. Okay, alright, things are coming together. Now, who is this Jesse Brown?

Well, it turns out that Jesse Brown and Josh Dolgin are a couple of guys who have teamed up to get themselves noticed in a cross media humour campaign. Webcartoons, music, magazines, and short film. I think that this is all a brilliantly pulled off prank and publicity stunt for these guys. All of the articles I've seen about them date back 6 months at the most. They've started a concerted publicity campaign and we're catching it in mid-stream. So I originally planned to sit back and enjoy - but I couldn't help but become part of the fun, so I called Talkback and reported my findings. I hope to be on the show tomorrow.

We have fun, eh guys? Don't we though...
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Thursday, March 21

fun - now back to work.
12:47 PM |

Wednesday, March 20

A number of unexpected situations over the past week have pushed me to do some serious re-evaluation. Re-evaluation about what and how I'm doing right now. It's been two months now and though things are going well, they can be much much better. So watch this space in the coming weeks for new features and a more focussed approach. This may require a slight re-jigging of the Index but this will allow me to apply some skills I have that aren't obvious on the site right now.

Enough of that for now - this post has been served its purpose - I have now made a contract with you and, more importantly, with me to make these crucial changes.
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Friday, March 15

Went to the Royal last night to see the newly remastered Akira last night. It was amazing. Better than I remembered. It also made a tonne more sense to me than it did when I saw it a few years ago. This may have something to do with the re-editing, re-mastering, re-dubbing, and my mindset. I was totally engrossed, it sucked me in and when the movie ended I snapped out of a completely mesmerised state.

The animation they used was surprisingly simply - most of the effect was created using subtle movements of large objects, but the secret lay in the insane amount of detail that lay in every shot. From what I understand each cell was individually inked, and judging by the credits at the end, the team was huge and the work must have been terribly painstaking.

Highly recommended, and for $6 when seen at one of Toronto's great Festival Cinemas this movie can't be beat. Though be forewarned that the violence in this movie is over the top if you're not used to Japanese Animation.
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Tuesday, March 12

I woke up this morning thinking about Snakes and Ladders. It's a really really great game - a source of un-ending joy for me as a child. I think I'm going to try and find it. Though there's a flash version of it, it just doesn't translate to the web that well ... I loved the tactile aspects of it and counting up the squares, knowing full well that you'd be taking that snake from 84 down to 28.

What a great idea for a game. A bit of a history lesson courtesy of the The Online Guide to Traditional Games:
The morality of the game must have appealed to the Victorians ... [more]

I started my taxes last night. I'm doing a whole wackload of returns this year; so Quicktax, with it's Microsoftish approach to its licensing agreement, is out for me. Plus their activation system is insane and they have fully embraced the scumminess of mail-in rebates. So I bought Taxwiz online - no 5 day wait for a cd, no shipping costs, no hassles, perfection.
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Thursday, March 7

House Inspection? check.
Mortgage broker? check.
Lawyer? check.

As of today, the house has officially been listed as 'sold'. Joy abounds.

On another subject, on tuesday I attended "Take Charge: Career Management 2002". It was a workshop hosted by Spadina Bus and AIMS Toronto. It was, essentially, a workshop on how to brand yourself and network effectively. I tend to have a knee-jerk reaction against those terms, but since being laid off, I can no longer afford the luxury of cynicism. On hearing 'proactive' for the 14th time I realised that I was going to have to either adjust my attitude and take from this what's valuable to me or I was going to have to leave. So I stayed and began the adjustment.

I found that when I left (after hearing the motivational speaker) I was in a deep funk. I think I was mostly overwhelmed by the task ahead of me. The idea that I was not going to be able to simply use my good old resume, post it to jobshark, and pick through the jobs was something I suspected was the case - the conference confirmed that for me. The fact of the matter is, I will likely get my next job through a contact I have. Now to walk that delicate tightrope - have and make friends without using them, get to know new people with the purpose of getting a new job without 'getting a new job' being the only reason I talk to them. Heady stuff.
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